Gap Credit Card Login Guide & Rewards [Updated 2023]

Are you looking for quick guide on your Gap Credit login online? Or what about Gap rewards card? Behold, this one is for you.

Here’s my Gap Credit Card login guide to help you navigate through and manage your account. This is a dedicated informational piece for gap credit card holders only.

Gap Credit Card Login at

You need to register before you can login to Gap credit card account. Once registered, you can login to your account at If you are just making a quick payment, you can do so without logging in. You can pay as a guest. The link to pay as guest is also available on the login page.

For a direct Gap Credit Card login to your account, visit the link above.

Gap Credit Card login

Enter your user ID and password and click “Secure Login”.

You can select “remember User ID” for ease of logging in next time. It happens that some of us forgets user IDs sometimes. However, this is optional at the time of login.

If you’re looking to make payment for your Gap Credit Card as a guest, you simply have to click the button “Pay as Guest” without having to login. It’s very simply.

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How to Reset Gap User ID or Password

With so many accounts – email, social media, work and other personal accounts, it’s quite common to forget our login IDs and passwords.

For your convenience, if you ever forget your Gap credit card user ID or password, it’s easy to reset.

To reset your User ID, simply click the link below the login button “I forgot my User ID”.

Gap password reset

On the next page, fill in your details: Account number (or card number) and ZIP code. Click continue and follow the onscreen instructions.

Similarly, with the forget password button, you can easily reset your password.

Remember that you will need to remember your User ID in order to reset your password.

Once you reset your User ID or password or both, you should be able to easily login to your Gap Credit Card account.

Gap Credit Card Online Account Management

As with any bank account, it’s easy to manage your account online with Synchrony Bank. The features of this online account management includes:

  • Easy payment of bills
  • Enroll for eBill
  • View/download your account statement
  • Set up SMS or email alerts for any transaction

Problem Logging in to gap Credit Card account at

If you are facing problem logging in to your account despite entering the correct user ID and Password, your account may have been transferred to Barclays.

Double check and be sure you enter your user ID and password correctly. The problem to login may be because of wrong entry of either or both.

However, if the issue persists, you can visit the Gap Barclays login page.

Gap Good Rewards Programme

You can get 25% Off as a gift by simply signing up using your email at

Gap Good rewards 25% Off Offer

Gap Good rewards programme offers rewarding spends at There are a host of offers such as upto 50% off back to school faves, 2 nights only, Extra 50% off sales styles etc.

Gap good rewards card is also available when you join. You can use this card for all your reward points.

To check out and avail these offers, you can visit the official website at You can even calculate your reward points prior to making actual purchases on their website!

As they say, join for the points, stay for the perks. Here’s a short illustration on the rewards programme.

100 points equal $1 reward. You also get free shipping on orders worth over $50. Then there are bonus points and exclusive early access to select events subject to terms and conditions applicable.

Gap Good Rewards Card

So I hope that this article is useful on guide to Gap credit card login and any issues such as reset user ID or password. This will be especially helpful if you are a new Gap credit card user.

It may also be useful for those who have had the Gap good rewards card for quite some time but never used the online account management facilities.

As said, there are a host of rewards to earn on your spends. Do check them out and enjoy the benefits.

Gap Customer Support

Customer service at Gap Inc is available for all customers who need assistance. You can take their assistance to get all your issues related to Gap mastercard or Gap credit card. Be it log in issues, lost or stolen gap cards etc, they are available 24×7 for all your assistance needs.

Simple head over to Gap Customer Service page to get started.

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