CSL Plasma promo codes are here. You can get attractive rewards for your donation for humanity at CSL Plasma. We scorched the internet to find you the latest and working CSL Plasma codes so you don’t have to do the hard work.

Latest CSL Plasma Promo Codes 2023 (Updated January)

So here are the best ways you can get rewarded for donating plasma at CSL Plasma. That’s already a generous thing to do even if one does not get any reward.

O0L70TRHN6 – You can apply this code with your referral after downloading the CSL Plasma app. Gives you 500 extra points!

Get upto $100 on your First Donation

Did you know that you can received an amount upto $100 on your first donation? Although the amount may vary depending on the location and is subject to change, this is one good reward any CSL Plasma donor can get.

CSL Plasma promo codes
Get rewarded to donate at CSL Plasma

Visit any of the CSL Plasma locations today and register yourself to donate. Your rewards are waiting for you there.

Get upto $500 on your first Month as a donor

Better offers incoming! Yeah, you can also receive upto $500 on your very first month as a donor at CSL Plasma.

Certain terms and conditions will apply and we will guide you through that.

How are CSL Plasma Donors Paid?

We thought you might like to know how CSL Plasma donors are paid. So here it is.

After your first donation, you will be issued a prepaid card. All your payments would automatically be loaded into this prepaid card.

This prepaid card is quite similar to a normal Debit Card. You can withdraw your balance from ATMs around the world.

  • Donate at CSL Plasma
  • Get your rewards loaded to your prepaid card
  • Start spending from your card balance right away

About CSL Plasma

For those of you who are not quite sure what CSL Plasma is, here’s more about them.

About CSL Plasma

CSL Plasma is one of the leaders in collection of human Plasma. People can visit their labs and donate their plasma which are then used to prepare life-saving therapies to help those in need around the world.

Patients across the globe who are in need of plasma therapy are being served by CSL Plasma through their 3000+ strong employee organisation.

With sophisticated technology, logistics and innovation, CSL Plasma has made its name known to the world in a short span of time.

They reward people like you for donating plasma. These are then processed to manufacture therapies to save thousands of lives.

How to Donate at CSL Plasma

Here’s a quick explanation of the process to donate at CSL Plasma.

Visit a CSL Plasma Centre

First thing to do is to visit your nearest CSL Plasma Centre. There, you will have to produce few documents such as

  • A photo ID 
  • Proof of Social Security
  • Proof of residency/current lease 
  • New donor welcome bonus

Assessment by Medical Staff

The next step is to go through a medical assessment by the medical staffs at the centre. They will asses your eligibility to donate. This will include certain questionnaire as well.

CSL Plasma donations and rewards

Donate Plasma

If you are eligible to donate, the process starts and you can expect their trained team of medical staffs to collect your plasma.

Get Rewarded

As said earlier, you will get paid for your donation right to your prepaid card.

You can also start earning iGive rewards for your donation.

iGive Reward Programme

This is a loyalty based programme introduced to those who join the iGive community. You can earn iGive points and redeem them for cashback whenever you donate in future at any CSL Plasma centre.


You can easily donate at CSL Plasma and get rewarded by following a simple process. Schedule your visit at the comfort of your home. Visit the centre and donate. The last and sweetest part is to receive your rewards through your prepaid card.


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