• Making money via instagram

    Making Money Via Instagram [3 Very Simple Ways]

    Do you know that you can be sitting at your home while making money via instagram in the post Covid-19 era? Today’s article is just about that. No, it’s not one of those typical easy making money ideas that the internet is flooded with. This is a genuine activity which can be done if it’s your passion, and involves some…

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  • Artificial Intelligence for Blogging

    Usage of Artificial Intelligence or AI in Content Creation

    Let’s talk about the usage of AI in content creation today. Artificial Intelligence or AI has rapidly evolved from a futuristic concept to a powerful tool that has revolutionized various industries, including content creation. Heard of ChatGPT? Yeah, that’s one of the many applications of AI in content creation and many other practices and purposes. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence or…

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  • youtube money vs blogging money

    2 Ways of Making Money Online: YouTube vs Blogging

    There are tons of ways one can make money online. While the amount you make depends on the type of activity you do, we will talk about making some legitimate money through YouTube and compare it with Blogging. Making Money Online with YouTube Channel YouTube channel monetization has been around for some time now. And you’ve probably watched a lot…

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  • Google Adsense

    How To Get Adsense Approval for a New Blog

    “How to get Adsense approval for a new blog?” is a common question every new blogger has on their mind. In fact, Google Adsense is by far the most popular source of revenue for bloggers over the years. In this topic, we will focus only on Google Adsense for blog publishers as a source of revenue. For beginners and seasoned…

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