Apple is Offering Free Airpods with Macbook for Students

Are you a student looking to buy your first or next Macbook? Good news is here for you.

Apple is currently running an attractive offer of free airpods to students purchasing Macbook. Get the details below.

Save on Macbook and Get Free Airpod too

Not only do you save upto 20% on purchasing Apple products, you get a free Airpod if you purchase one of Apple’s Macbooks.

The offer is applicable for both Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. With this offer, Macbook Air is available starting just Rs.89,900 while the Macbook Pro is available for Rs.119900 onwards.

Apple offers Free Airpod with Macbook For Students

The above price is inclusive of student discount. The main attraction here is the free Airpod on offer. To recall, Airpod second generations are on sale for over Rs.10000 in any online platform.

Not only Macbooks, the iMac (Desktop) and Mac mini also comes with free Airpod. Yay!

So, is the above offer sufficient to convince you to buy one of the Macbooks? Do tell us in the comments below.

Free Apple Pencil on iPad Purchase

Apple Macbooks are not the only products that comes with a freebie. If you are buying iPad, they come with free Apple pencil as well.

The offer of free Apple Pencil is available for both iPad Air and iPad pro. Sorry, the minis don’t come with a freebie.

Apple every once in a while have this back to school offer. It’s an attractive deal you can consider, unless you find genuine Apple products elsewhere at a better deal.

How to Avail Apple Student Offers

You will require a valid College or University ID card in order to avail these Apple Student offers.

To get started, visit the UniDays website and verify your eligibility. Once verified, you can then proceed to purchase any Apple product on Student offer with the Apple Education Pricing.

Limited Time Offer

Apple every once in a while run this Back to School offers for students with a special discount. The offer will run for a limited duration only. So we would advise you to go ahead and purchase early so as to avail the offer.

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