Welcome to my blog! I am Suanlun Tonsing.

An Engineer by Qualification, a Part-Time Domainer, Hobby Blogger and a Sunday League Footballer :-D. I love football

I have a field job where I spend most of my time travelling. According to my Google timeline, I’ve covered 30% of the distance around the globe as on May 2022.

My Google Map Timeline Screenshot

At IazD.com, I write about topics covering from Blogging to Travel, Online shopping to life hacks and more.

IazD was started as a hobby blog in July 2022. I like to share things I learnt from experience, things I imagine others would like to know.

And so this here is my baby. Nothing much to describe about for now. You can connect with me at info [at] iazd.com or just submit the simple form in the Contact page.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!