11 Documents Required List for BIS License Application

Are you looking for the list of documents that are required for BIS License or ISI Mark license for your product? You’ve come to the right place here today.

We understand it may be a little bit confusing especially if you are a first time BIS applicant who want to get ISI Mark Certification License. But good thing is we are here to guide you on that. So let’s get straight to it.

List of Documents Required for BIS License ( Application

Below is the list of common documents an applicant needs to have in order to apply for BIS License via

Documents required for BIS license application

Please note that application is totally online and received through only. No other mode of application is available. Moreover physical copies of documents need not be submitted to BIS Office.

Please note that the documents are to be uploaded in PDF format only except for Machinery and Equipment List and Photograph(s).

1. Proof of Establishment of Firm

This is the registration certificate of the firm or certificate of incorporation. Alternatively, MSME Udyam Registration Certificate can also be submitted for MSME industries.

This can also be used for proof of scale (Small/Micro/Large Scale, if mentioned in the document) as well.

2. Quality Control Personnel/Testing Personnel’s

The Educational Qualification Certificate copy of the Testing Personnel (or QCI) needs to be submitted. Along with this, a copy of his appointment or an intimation regarding the appointment of a QCI can be submitted. Photograph of QCI must also be uploaded.

3. Process Flow Chart

The process flow chart covers the flow of material/processes from Raw Material to Finish Product including testing/inspection stage.

There is no fixed format as such and depending on the product manufacturing process, the same is to be prepared by the applicant.

4. Factory/Plant Layout

For Factory or Plant Layout, a proper technical drawing is not required and hand drawn layout is acceptable.

It must be a top view layout showing areas such manufacturing or assembly area/line, storage/lab/office/ main entrance etc.

5. Manufacturing Machinery List

Excel Format will be available for download while applying. Applicants will have to fill the format with required details (like machinery make, capacity etc) and upload it in the relevant field.

6. Production Capacity

This is an approximate production capacity in a year (installed) and needs to be mentioned in the application form. A document is not required in this regard.

7. Lab Equipment/Chemicals List

Again Excel format available for download. Details such as make, range and least count needs to be filled.

8. Valid Calibration Certificates

This must be from NABL approved lab for equipment wherever applicable. The calibration certificates must be valid for at least 3 months as on the date of application.

9. Test Reports

Test reports of Raw materials and product (for this test request must be first created in manakonline). More on this is available here. It is advisable to check the test reports issued by BIS approved labs are passing. Failure of the test report will lead to application being processed for rejection.

10. Women Entrepreneur document if applicable.

If the registration/incorporation or MSME certificate reflects the Partners/Proprietors, the same can be used.

11. Firm Address Proof

If complete address is mentioned in document at S.No.1, that will suffice.

Above are the common documents that are required in order to apply for BIS License. We have already posted the Step by Step process to Apply for BIS License.

Any Other Document for BIS Application

If you are applying for BIS license for products such as Packaged Drinking Water as per IS 14543:2016, you will need to upload additional document.

This includes Hygienic condition or cleaning schedule, medical fitness certificate not older than 1 year for all the employees, pest control certificate and NOC or Exemption certificate from CGWA (Central Ground Water Authority) in case your source is from borewell.

BIS Fees for a New License or Application

Apart from documents required for new BIS application, you will also have to make payment of the requisite fees online so that your application is submitted successfully. The common fees are as below:

Application Fee Rs.1000 which is non refundable.

Annual License Fee Rs.1000 (collected in advance for the year as license will initially be granted for a period of 1(one) year).

Preliminary Inspection Charges Rs. 7000. This is for 1 (one) man day charges. Wherever there is requirement for more than 1 day visit, it will simply be Rs.7000 x number of days. However, applicants will have to pay just Rs.7000 once during application submission.

BIS Application and License fees detail

Minimum Marking Fee: This fee depends on the product and you can check the minimum marking fee of your product in this link. On this page, select the tab “Marking Fee” and input the IS number and captcha.

On top of the above fees, GST of 18% will be applicable and will be added by the system automatically while making payment. You can make the payment via net banking or credit/debit cards.


The above are common list of documents required for BIS License application online. Please note that certain other documents may be required and the same will be communicated to you during the scrutiny of your application.

We also include the fee details as a bonus. You can visit BIS branch office’s web page for further details and also pay a visit to the office in person.

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